Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Huizenga endorses Romney

(from Hotline)

Normally, the addition of a single name to a roster of 77 fundraisers wouldn't be noticed, but this is different: Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney has won the support of one of the most high profile, influential entrepreneurs in all of Florida -- a major GOP fundraiser to boot. This get will earn him some positive Sunshine State press. H. Wayne Huizenga is #153 on the list of Forbes's 100 richest Americans. His nickname in South Florida: "King Midas."

H. Wayne Huizenga Is The Creator Of Several Corporations, Including Three Fortune 500 Companies – Waste Management Inc, Blockbuster Video And AutoNation. He is the owner of the Miami Dolphins and, with the franchising of the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers, was the driving force behind the introduction of baseball and hockey to South Florida. Huizenga is a renowned philanthropist whose beneficiaries include Nova Southeastern University where the business school carries his name.

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Steve McGonigle said...


Being a relocated Bostonian, I would suggest that you have Wayne straighten out the mess at Nova Southeastern University and the 108 workers that were fired due to their union organizing activities. I would hate for to have to deal with the mess that he has helped create dut to the fact that he is on the Board of the University and has done nothing about it. I am sure there will be backlash about this if it is not straightened out.

I know this would never happen in Massachusetts and I would hope that you would not find union busting or anyone involved in such acts as someone that you would want on your team.

It's is good to see you running and I am very proud of what you have done with the health care issue in MA. I look forward to more positive things in your future.