Monday, April 2, 2007

McCain only raises $12.5 million

from Hotline -- seriously one of my favorite websites -- reports that McCain only raised $12.5 million. for the "front-runner" that pretty much stinks. and i can not emphasize enough that the liberal toying of the RNC field by declaring we merely anoint the next-in-line is WRONG. obviously we are more intelligent than to work on mere political pedigree.

romney is the winner. guiliani will be plagued by the kerik trial, tommy thompson doesn't have a whole lot of traction, and fred thompson won't be able to swallow the financial distance because the hollywood money does not go to republicans. that leaves the others in the field and, quite frankly, at this point the field is down to the top three.

to quote a famous Congressman: "Romney is the next Reagan." 'Enough said.

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