Friday, January 26, 2007

Clinton News

(from Hotline)

A Digest Of Clinton News | Shame On Reuters!

1. The campaign announced that JoDee Winterhoff, who managed Sen. Tom Harkin's '96 re-election, will serve as IA state director for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Two other prominent Iowans have also signed on: ex-IA A.G. Bonnie Campbell and Andy McGuire, a doctor who served as gubernatorial candidate Mike Blouin's running mate in 2006.

2. Reuters reports that actress Elizabeth Taylor wrote a $100,000 check to Hillary Clinton. Reuters doesn't tell you that the contribution limit is $4300 per person because, presumably, Reuters' editors didn't know enough to conclude that Ms. Taylor didn't know enough about federal campaign finance law. Whoops!

While the rest of Hollywood starts to choose sides in the 2008 U.S. presidential race, Taylor has already picked the New York Democratic senator as her favorite candidate and written her a $100,000 check for the campaign.
3. Shades of the Dean campaign in '03, the Clinton campaign sent out a press release bragging that 140K Americans have given their e-mail addresses to the campaign.

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