Tuesday, January 9, 2007

"National Call Day" Raises Over $6.5 Million


"National Call Day" Raises Over $6.5 Million
Monday, Jan 08, 2007

After reaching out across the country on "National Call Day," Governor Mitt Romney and his supporters raised over $6.5 million. The success of today's event will help Governor Romney continue to share his message and vision for the future with the American people. "This is a message," said Governor Romney, "that what we stand for and what we are going to fight for has been heard, and gives us motivation to go forward with our message." "I am overwhelmed by this support, heartened by the friendship, and hopeful for the future. I can only say thank you," said Governor Romney. "

National Call Day" Fast Facts:

Amount Raised: over $6.5 million

Calls Made: approximately 15,000 outbound calls

Volunteer Fundraisers Participating: nearly 400

Volunteer fundraisers hailed from more than 40 state

Telephones: nearly 400

Laptop computers: 320

Call center area: 37,800 square feet

42 call centers, each manned by 9 volunteer fundraisers

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