Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ralph Reed

(from Hotline)

Ralph Reed Likes Giuliani, Too...
Let's get to the bottom of this Ralph Reed business once and for all.

Has Mitt Romney ever met Ralph Reed? "Yes," says Kevin Madden, Romney's spokesman.

Has Mitt Romney spoken with Reed over the past six months? Yes. Just once. They shook hands at the National Review Institute dinner last weekend.

Has Romney spoken with Reed more than once over the past six months. "No."

Is Reed an informal adviser to Romney's campaign? No.

Does he participate in calls the Romney campaign holds with outside advisers? "No."

Does Reed ever speak to Romney advisers? Yes. Reed's friend, Peter Flaherty, is Romney's deputy campaign manager for outreach. Flaherty's job is to stay in touch with conservative leaders.

Which candidate was Reed heard talking up at the National Review Institute? Not Romney. It was ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to a person who discussed the presidential race directly with Reed. That induced "a number of odd looks and rolled eyes from many of the attendees," according to our source. [CHUCK TODD AND MARC AMBINDER]

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