Monday, February 5, 2007

Romney is officially on Facebook

(from Hotline)

Romney Launches Official Facebook Group

Mitt Romney's campaign became the first WH '08 GOP effort to officially start a pro-active recruitment effort today on The membership drive started over the weekend when Romney online communications director Stephen Smith sent a message to about 40 or 50 activists asking for their help with today's launch.

Though Smith asked recipients to keep the effort quite until now, published the full version of message, which included a goal of getting 1,000 members in the first 24 hours. The profile went up a little after noon today, and just over 35 people joined within the first hour of its launch. According to someone with knowledge of the online effort, the goal is for this profile to be a "hub" for existing facebook groups.

The hit-the-ground-running strategy? It worked for Obama's one million strong group, which was still getting ink over the weekend for its ever-increasing numbers. But this is the first facebook page run by a GOP's campaign team, so it will be interesting to see whether there's similar Facebook support out there for Dems as Republicans. Or can no one be as popular with college students as Obama?

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